Saturday, January 7, 2017

Join Us on January 18, 2017Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PMLocation: Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, New York

On January 18, 2017, GS&MD Gouvêa de Souza will gather over 300 leaders of the retail sector at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel for the Retail Executive Summit – 2017.
The panel of speakers will feature:
• Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Federal Reserve System (1987-2006)
• Jeff TurnasPresident365 by Whole Foods
• Zeina LatifChief Economist,  XP Investimentos
• Tod JohnsonChairman & CEONPD Group
• Flavio RochaPresident, Riachuelo
• Speakers from Apple and Facebook
• Marcos TroyjoProfessor and Coordinator of BRIC LabColumbia University
In addition to the presentations, advisors of Grupo GS& and special guests, a team of over 20 specialists who are participating and supporting the delegation this year, will share the most relevant trends showcased at the 2017 NRF, providing a better understanding of what had been shown at the event.
Several leaders of organizations such as Boticário, Beleza Natural, Centauro, Drogaria Onofre, Farmácia Pague Menos, Fnac, Itaú, Leo Madeiras, Picadilly, Riachuelo, Reserva, Smart Fit and Tiffany & Co have already confirmed attendance.
This will be a great opportunity to join an exclusive event organized to address new perspectives of the Brazilian Retail Market.
Members of The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, official supporter of the event, receive a discount to register for the Summit.

Feliz ano novo
2017 chegou trazendo vários desafios. Serão 365 dias de muita ação para que mudemos o mundo!
E o que você vai fazer de bom nesse ano?
Queremos um 2017 com muitas vitórias e também com muito trabalho. Nos esforçamos para combater a destruição do nosso planeta e, ao mesmo tempo, estimular as pessoas a trabalharem na construção de um mundo melhor para as futuras gerações. Vamos juntos fazer desse ano um ano incrível! Faça parte desse time e receba um super kit do Greenpeace.
Junte-se a nós
Todos nós podemos fazer um pouco e, trabalhando juntos, vamos conseguir. Vamos garantir um futuro melhor! Venha conosco fazer a mudança que queremos ver no futuro!
Rafael Silva
Greenpeace Brasil


What #YesWeCan means to you:
Watch on YouTube
"Yes, we can."
President Obama spoke these three words for the first time in January 2008 in New Hampshire. And for the past eight years, these words have served as the backbone of his Presidency: the belief that, through hard work and a commitment to hope, we can make progress possible for the American people.
As we look back at the last eight years, people from across the country (and the globe) are taking some time to reflect on a moment that inspired them to share in this belief, and even to take action in their own communities.
And don't forget to tune in to hear the President’s grateful farewell to you on Tuesday, January 10.

Here's a small sample of what you've shared with us so far:
“Shortly after President Obama was elected, I was traveling near the airport in Columbus, Ohio. Air Force One was there because the President was in the city, and at the gate was an African American father holding his young son on his shoulders. I heard him say, 'That’s the President’s jet, and one day, you can do just want President Obama has done. One day, you can be president!' It brought me to tears. Your time, your spirit, your work, your grace…will forever permeate this country, no matter which political party is in the White House. Thank you.”
—Rev. Susan from Ohio
"My son, and now I, both have health care only because you had the vision and the strength to push it through. Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons because you had the strength to push through an agreement. You overcame immense odds, bigotry both here and abroad, yet you prevailed."
—Mary from Virginia
"Your stand on climate change inspired me to champion this position in the Forest Service and in my research, writings, and on-the-ground projects. Climate change is one of the most important challenges for the world and your support has been extremely important."
—Randy from Arizona
“The greatest moment of your eight years in office for me was the night that the Supreme Court affirmed all Americans’ right to marry the person they love. My partner and I, who are not yet married but will do so soon, came to the White House to see the rainbow lights projected onto the facade of the President’s House…Your advocacy and leadership on diversity and inclusiveness, respect for all people regardless of their innate characteristics, and you and Mrs. Obama directing that the White House be lighted thusly on that great day in LGBT history was overwhelming to us both.”
—Skip from DC
“My parents are both undocumented immigrants from south of the border who traveled to California where they raised me and I am deeply grateful for them. They came here to give me a better life then what they experienced. What you did these past eight years did give families like mine the opportunity to strive for the American dream. You taught me that change can come if we work hard to make it happen and not by waiting for anybody else to do it for me.”
—Marco from California
“After the horrific massacre of the Emanuel 9 in Charleston, I was fortunate enough to be able to be present at the memorial service in Charleston where President Obama delivered the eulogy. At the time we most needed to hear a message of unity and hope, our President delivered one of the most powerful and moving speeches I have ever heard. I will never forget those moments of hope and grace delivered in one of our darkest hours in our state. Thank you so very much.”
—Lea from South Carolina
"I’m writing from Japan. Mr Obama’s visit to Hiroshima was my most impressive thing last year. I was translating into English the home page of a precision screw maker in Hiroshima early last year. In the history section, the following line appeared, '6 August 1945 Our factories were annihilated by the atomic bomb.'
"I was born right after the war and I vaguely remember as a small child that war debris was strewn in vacant lots, we were poorly dressed and food was not sufficient. I thought of the people who rose from the ashes to rebuild Japan. Sometime after I finished my translation, Mr. Obama came to Hiroshima. We have come a long way. A way to a better world. Thank you."
—Ichiro from Japan

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Organizing for Action

Here's more proof that people want the quality, affordable coverage Obamacare provides:

Since open enrollment began on November 1, nearly nine million Americans have signed up for insurance through the marketplace -- that's up from the 8.6 million people who had chosen plans through the marketplace at this time last year.

But those aren't just numbers: They're real people who are getting the treatment they need without fear of facing bankruptcy, who are benefiting from preventive care, or who are just sleeping a little easier at night knowing that their family is covered.

Obamacare is having a powerful impact for them, and for the millions of others who now have the improved care and stronger protections that all Americans deserve. That's why we can't just sit on the sidelines as congressional leaders try to repeal it.

Say you won't accept the repeal of the law that's helping so many -- sign the petition today, and then we'll be in touch about how to keep building the fight.

Under Obamacare, millions of Americans have gained health coverage. It's that simple. Taking away those protections, and ripping that security away from them now, would be irresponsible and cruel.

But we can do something about it. Raise your voice by signing the petition, and we'll follow up with what comes next. This fight is too important to sit out -- add your name now.

Add your name



Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Action


January 9 | Set Times: 8:00pm

| Doors: 7:30 pm

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Pablo Reyes
Guitarist, singer-songwriter and composer Pablo Reyes is known as a very innovative and passionate musician within European, North and Latin American circles. His music explores connections between Latin American Folklore, Jazz, Rock and World Music. Originally born in Mexico and partly raised in Brazil, he began paying guitar at the age of 10. He moved to Europe in 2008 to pursue his artistic career. After 5 years between Barcelona and the Netherlands, Reyes is currently based in New York City.
He graduated from the prestigious Jazz program at the Amsterdam Conservatory and later on earned a Masters degree in World Music Studies at the CODARTS Rotterdam Conservatory in 2013. He was invited back to CODARTS as an Artist in Residence during 2014. Currently living in the Big Apple, Pablo Reyes is an artist that undoubtedly reveals his ‘nomadic nature’ and life experience in his musical sensibility, a strongly embedded inner urge for constant motion and experiment that creates a unique musical-artistic style. Reyes has released 2 albums as a leader, “Hojarasca” (2012) and “Molino de viento” (2013), for the independent Mexican record label “INTOLERANCIA,” and one EP “Rocosa Mar” (2014) with his alternate project MULIX; all are available on iTunes. His new single “DUNA” (2016) was released independently in the US and is also available on iTunes. In “DUNA”, Reyes discusses migration and the process of starting over again, quite a frequent topic in the life history of this eclectic artist who could be classified as a collage composer, since multiple influences reside in his creative work.
Lara Bello
Born in Granada, Spain and now based in New York, singer/song-writer, Lara Bello conveys the music of her hometown: Flamenco, Arabic melodies and Mediterranean roots masterfully fused with African and Latin American rhythms. Her magical voice expressively touches your heart whilst her poetic lyrics take you on a beautiful journey. She was named Spanish World Music Artist of the Year in 2010 (World Music Charts Europe) for her debut recording, Niña pez (2009). In 2012 her second recording, Primero amarillo después malva, received rave reviews in the United States and Latin America from People Magazine and NPR’s “The World.” In 2013 her third recording, Por el agua de Granada: Cancionero lorquiano, based on traditional Spanish songs   compiled by poet Federico García Lorca, was featured on CNN. 

Asaran Earth Trio
A collective of vocalists from different corners of the globe (as well as the set up to a great punchline), Asaran Earth Trio is a group dedicated to signing beautiful music from around the world. With New York City as their figurative ‘bar’, Asaran came together out of the desire to take different traditions in new directions, combining folk elements together with the adventure of group improvisation and each member’s musical ‘history’. Together they sing, clap, play percussion and are known to cause groups of strangers to laugh, cry, sing, dance and shake some groovy shakers. Asaran features Astrid Kuljanic from Croatia, Artemisz Polonyi from Hungary and Anne Boccato from Brazil. They love to share their music and stories all around the Earth – in living rooms, theaters, houses of worship, festivals, on the street and even in actual bars.
Sofia Ribeiro
Sofia Ribeiro is one of the greatest voices from Portugal, a magnificent singer who has the ability to immediately attract the listener to her unique musical universe, blending elements of jazz, Brazilian and Portuguese music. Well-known for her strong and emotional performances, the outstanding Portuguese singer has been captivating audiences all over the world with her charming and powerful sound.Sofia has a diploma in jazz performance from “Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo do Porto”, where she studied with the Portuguese singer Maria João and the Dutch jazz vocalist Fay Claassen. During her studies she did a one year exchange program in Barcelona at “Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya”, and another one at the famous Berklee College of Music, in Boston, who offered her a scholarship. She was a student of the famous vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music educator Bob Stoloff, and was awarded the “Oliver Wagmann Memorial Scholarship”, for an “outstanding vocalist demonstrating academic excellence at the college”. Later she received a master’s degree in jazz performance with “great distinction” from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where she studied with the Belgium renowned jazz singer David Linx. During her master’s studies she went to study for one year at the prestigious “Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris” (CNSNDP) with an “Erasmus” scholarship.

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