Thursday, November 17, 2016

                                                         Série pássaros

             Bico de Brasa  60x40cm cm ( R$ 250,00) (Reais)

                 Pica Pau 30x40cm, R$ 200,00 (Reais)
                          Beija Flor 30x40cm, R$ 200,00 (Reais)

Miguel Penha, artista plastico
(65) tim 9 8153-0682


Go behind the scenes with President Obama in Athens:
This week, President Obama got the chance to visit the Acropolis in Greece.
Video: President Obama visits the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
"One of the great joys of being the president is the ability to travel and see different cultures and meet different people. That’s important for our national security but it’s also important for us to understand ourselves and our place in the world.
Video: President Obama visits the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
"We’ve got the Parthenon behind us, part of the Acropolis. It is here in Athens that so many of our ideas about democracy, our notions of citizenship, our notions of rule of law, began to develop.
"And so when you visit a site like this not only are you getting a better understanding of Greece and Western culture, but you’re also sending a signal of the continuity that exists between what happened here, the speeches of Pericles, and what happened with our Founding Fathers.
Video: President Obama visits the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
"And it’s a very important role for the President of the United States to send a signal to the world that their culture, their traditions, their heritage, their monuments, are something of value, and are precious, and that we have learned from them.
Video: President Obama visits the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
"Because what that does then is send a strong signal around the world that we view ourselves as part of a broader humanity and a community of nations that can work together to solve problems and lift up what’s best in humanity."

4 W 43rd Street, Suite 415, New York, NY - 10036
(646) 922-7052

Artists Spotlight

Saphira & Ventura's artist of the week is the Fibers artist Sharron Parker. Parker's work is the fruition of a career that spans over thirty years of enhancing her craft. Her felted creations are the perfect blend of art with traditional craft techniques that formally and psychologically stimulate her audience. Sharron Parker's work is currently on view. To view more, click here

Rosanne Potter, an abstract expressionist, explores color in layers of paints and textural surfaces. The layers in her paintings give them complexity that rewards multiple viewings.  The viewer is invited to dig through the parts to a sense of the whole canvas. Some of Potter’s work blurs the line between figurative and abstract. In the works we feature, we can trace how elements of the paintings sway between categories. Vibrant color is another highlight of Potter’s work. Oranges and blues play various roles in her paintings:  sometimes vibrant shades of these colors form an outline of color and other times they are central colors which others are blended out of or into. Ms. Potter’s style highlights the various ways that color and shape can blend together in their roles; the depth of various layers give her paintings an almost archeological dimension. To view more, click here

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