Friday, October 7, 2016

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Dear Friends of AmeriCorps,
Friday, October 7 will be a great day for the entire AmeriCorps community – and we need your participation.
The millionth AmeriCorps member celebration begins with an AmeriCorps swearing-in ceremony at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC and nationwide digital engagement. This event kicks-off at least two months of swearing-in ceremonies and#1of1Million member celebrations across the country.
So that all of you can enjoy and share the experience, here are some key pieces of information about October 7.
  • Join the AmeriCorps swearing-in at NASA by viewing it live on our website or on the AmeriCorps Facebook page at 10:30 a.m. ET on October 7.
  • Share your support for AmeriCorps on social media an tag it #ThanksAMillion.
  • Read about other members and alumni stories and add your #ThanksAMillion. 
  • Share our graphics available on AmeriCorps Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is your last chance to give your input on where this movement should go next. Take the What's Next survey.

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Contributions or gifts to Organizing for Action are not tax deductibl

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Organizing for Action
Sula --

This grassroots movement was built by people like you, from different places and with different stories, standing together to demand change.

And this movement has succeeded over the past eight years because of folks like you chipping in what you can, month by month, to keep us strong.

Your support matters, and it's helped shift the conversation on some of the biggest fights of our time: climate change, gun violence prevention, women's rights, immigration, and LGBT equality, to name a few. But our work isn't over -- we've got to continue pushing forward, and the country is counting on this movement to do it.

For the next 48 hours, get in on this special offer when you become an OFA Champion -- commit to a monthly recurring donation and we'll send you a free gift as a small token of thanks.

OFA Champions limited-edition poster.

OFA Champions limited-edition poster.
Every action makes a difference in keeping this movement fired up. Now is your chance to help make sure the momentum continues.

Commit to the long haul by becoming an OFA Champion in the next 48 hours:

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