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Born and raised in Hawai'i, I’ve spent the better part of my life dedicated to the ocean that surrounds me. This is why President Obama's recent expansion of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Sanctuary off the coast of northern Hawaii, means so much to me.
I have voyaged thousands of miles of open ocean by canoe, guided by the sun, stars and swells, practicing the art and science of Polynesian wayfinding and navigation. This tradition and legacy of wayfinding goes back centuries in my culture. We have worked hard to bring it back from the point of extinction, and perpetuate it as a means for understanding our environment, our history, our culture, our future and our world.
On long voyages, surrounded by the vast blue ocean, we come face to face with the Hawaiian concept of “mālama ” -- or “caretaking.” My ancestors learned long ago that if they took care of their canoe and each other, they would arrive safely at their destination.
On islands, as on the canoe, we care for each other and our resources, and work together to protect that which is sacred and fragile -- our Island Earth.
As I sail around the world, I’ve gotten a glimpse of what can happen to special places if they are not protected. Initiatives like the expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument help us perpetuate and build upon more than a hundred years of protection efforts by thousands of people in our community and around the globe. Thanks to their work to advocate for protection of this area’s cultural and ecological resources and thanks to President Obama, Papahānaumokuākea will become the largest marine protected area on earth. This is a step in the right direction at this crucial time for Island Earth.
Ours is a blue planet, and the health of our Island Earth and her people is dependent on the health of the ocean. If climate change and protection of biodiversity and wildlife are part of the biggest challenge of the 21st century, then ocean protection is the strongest solution.
The expansion of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Sanctuary will help keep our waters safe -- improving ocean resilience, helping the region's distinct physical and biological resources adapt, and creating a natural laboratory that will allow scientists to monitor and explore the impacts of climate change on these fragile ecosystems.
Join me in celebrating the work of those who stand for and work to mālama our precious honua, those who are caring for our Island Earth.
Aloha Pumehana,
Nainoa Thompson


Consulate General of Brazil in New York
Culture & Education

  Welcome to the inaugural edition of the monthly newsletter of the Consulate General of Brazil in New York!

  Elaborated with the intention to strengthen the communication with the Brazilian and international communities in the region, this newsletter will hopefully become a focal point for the dissemination of all activities 'Brazil-related' in the States of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.   

  Every month, the newsletter will showcase a selection of cultural and academic events as well as educational opportunities.

  Please forward this newsletter to your Brazilian friends and friends of Brazil. Obrigado(a)!

 What: Exhibition “Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist”
Where: Jewish Museum
When: May 6 – September 18
What: Installation  Gamboa II, by Beatriz Milhazes  
Where: Jewish Museum
When: May 6 – September 18

What: “O Brasil”: Brazilian Cinema. “Restless Love”,  California” , “The Second Mother” and  “Campo Grande”. 
Where: Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI)
When: August 19 - September 9
Where: Newark City Hall and other locations
When: August 30 - September 9  

What: Brazilian Day New York 
Where: 46 Street – Little Brazil
When: September 4
What: Concert “The Genius of the Burle Marx Family”, with compositions of Walter Burle Marx
Where: Jewish Museum – Scheuer Auditorium
When: September 8

WhatExhibition “Silence of the Music”, “Os Gêmeos”
Where: Galery Lehmann Maupin
When: September 8 – October 22
Opening Reception:  September 8 
Where: Brazilian Endowment for the Arts (BEA)
When: September 8
Where: Fenstein’s /54 Below
When: September 10
What: Lenine
Where: B.B King – Blues Club @ Grill
When: September 16
What: Bibi Ferreira in “4 X Bibi” sings Edith Piaf, Amalia Rodrigues, Carlos Gardel and Frank Sinatra
Where: The Symphony Space
When: September 20 and September 23
WhatDona Onete – Brazilian Songs of the Amazon
Where: CUNY Graduate Center  - Elebash Hall
When: September 27

What198th Annual Meeting of the New York Academy of Sciences
Where: NYAS
When: September 15

What: NYU's Kalman Silver - Engaging Latin America, Building Democracy
Where: NYU, KJ: CC Auditorium
When: September 16

What- Monthly Meeting: PUB-NY (Pesquisadores e Universitários Brasileiros em Nova York) 
Where: (To be confirmed)
When: (To be confirmed)

What: Monthly Meeting: PUB-Philly (Pesquisadores e Universitários Brasileiros em Filadélfia)
Where: (To be confirmed)
When: (To be confirmed)

What: Business Meeting with Pro-Amazon Action Association
Where: Baker &McKenzie LLP
When: September 7



In order to make our agenda as comprehensive as possible, please let us know about any Brazil-related event you would like to see posted on future editions of this newsletter. You can reach us by email (below).   E-mails will be considered up to a week  before the newsletter's release date (1st day of each month).                                                                                                                                                        


Theater: Fundraising Gala for "Inside  the Wild Heart"- Oct. 6
MusicLuiz Simas Trio – Oct. 8
Movie“Under the Clouds”– Oct. 14
Music Planet Hemp–   Oct. 15
Music: “The Seventh Seal: Opera”- Nov 10/12
Seu Jorge –          Nov 11/12


Scholarship: CAPES Post Doctoral Scholarship
Scholarship: CAPES Doctoral Scholarship
Scholarship:Fulbright Brasil
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Celebrating 100 years of national parks:
This month marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service -- and Americans are celebrating at parks around the country. Part of this celebration is thanking the men and women who conserve these natural and cultural places.
Here at the White House, we're honoring a National Park Service that cares for a park a little closer to home -- the White House grounds.
The National Park Service has been taking care of the White House grounds since the 1930s -- all 18 acres of it -- and many of these staff have served here for over 35 years.
Watch the National Park Service talk about what it’s like to work at the White House, and read their stories of service:
Don't forget -- national parks across America are free this weekend, so get outside and explore.
Happy 100th Anniversary, National Park Service!

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