Friday, August 5, 2016

Documentary the art of Brazil in the USA by Sula Costa and Gil Becker

The TV producer Sula Costa and cameraman Gil Becker inspired him to produce the documentary the art of Brazil in the USA with the main objective to disseminate names that are not yet known in the market of the arts.
The first act of the audiovisual project is the account and experience of Brazilian artists. Each with its artistic format, though that belong to the same country, have highlighted the cultural differences from one region of Brazil to another.
The documentary will portray the life and philosophy of various artists, with their sculpture techniques, talk about your relationship with the Visual Arts and his life story.
Colors, forms, lights, volumes, shadows, perspectives, silhouettes… ideas. Art blows in all its dimensions in New York, an inspiring environment where circulating more than 10.000 artists by day. The feature-length documentary that invites the public to an exciting and playful film journey through the universe of Visual Arts.
Written and directed by Sulla Costa, THE ART OF BRAZIL IN THE USA, stitching with precision and creativity testimonials of artists, critics, Trustees and even cameos from established artists, beyond – why not? – professionals all kinds of art and culture. And extracts of their subjects the most provocative confessions, discoveries and reflections, interspersed by beautiful images of our recent artistic production. With testimonials of artists from North to South of Brazil, the documentary serves as research material and history of our contemporary art.

"The answers to the questions proposed shall be distributed by the documentary following its contents and all the senses and meanings that arose in dialogue with artists who exhibit their art in the year 2014 and 2015, building, so, a wide network of thoughts that complement or oppose opening up many possibilities of perception and understanding”, says the Director Sulla Costa.

About the exhibitions.
On the flow of artists who will be providing their testimony in the audiovisual project, will be organized exhibitions with the works of these artists, will be more than 10.000 works with different characteristics and scattered by the galleries and museums in New York.
The artwork of these artists always impressed me, mainly by two qualities: the technique, verging on perfection, his watercolors and the lightness of your hand, is brushing, with color pencil. By this delicacy to match the personality of these illustrators, some of them unknown, you've enriched my cultural background several times with his work. And, Interestingly, contrasts with the claw, the perseverance and courage with which she throws in successive projects, renewing permanently. "
Throw on your paintings several layers of pointillism, Unprovisioning the original image of your screens, seeking a foray into contemporary art language. Are numerous works on canvas where scenes from an idyllic Brazil crumble under the opacity of vibrant colors and reverberant.
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