Friday, February 12, 2016

The White House, Washington
The last time I stood in the plaza outside the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, I lost the feeling in my toes.
I was huddled with 17,000 others in near zero temperatures to help Barack Obama launch an improbable challenge to the prevailing politics and policies of Washington.
Men, women, and children from around the country shivered together in the shadow of the hulking capitol where Abraham Lincoln once served. They had come, an aroused citizenry, to change the course of history, and the sheer joy and energy of that mission made the threat of frostbite a trivial concern.
I returned to Springfield on Wednesday, not in a rented campaign van, but on Air Force One, accompanying the President of the United States on the anniversary of his audacious announcement.
Watch some behind-the-scenes footage of President Obama's return visit to Springfield, the place where it all began.

As we walked into the empty plaza, the scene came alive in my memory: A young man at the podium, his voice booming off the surrounding buildings. Thousands of supporters shaking handmade signs, roaring their approval.
"I'd crawl to Iowa to work for this guy," one middle-aged man told us that day, a sentiment I heard from so many others. Frigid cold be damned! They came to make history and change the country's course. And they would.
So much of what Obama promised nine years ago has come to pass. He has turned around an ailing economy, enacted health reform, promoted clean energy, wound down two wars, lifted up diplomacy, and so much more. But people of all political stripes also responded to his call for national unity, healing, and renewal.
And on that score, we as a country have more work to do.
David Axelrod
Former Senior Advisor to the President

            Joaquim LevyChief Executive Officer, Bradesco Asset Management.
     Brazil: A New Look at the Asset Management Industry

                         Manoel Baião / Neolink Company , the Lawyer Alessandra Martins and Sergio Millerman the former CEO of Safra National Bank of New York /Brazilian- American  Chamber of Commerce/NYC.


The 2016 Edition of THERMAL CONVERSION SOLUTIONS, will be held from June 1-3, 2016 in the Rafain Palace & Convention Center, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná–  the trade show for promotion of technologies, machinery, equipment and services for the thermal conversion and biogas sector.  

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TCS Brasil'16 - 01-03 June/2016 - Foz do Iguassu/Brazil
TCS Brasil'16 arises from the need to propose solutions to the key challenges currently facing Latin America in the areas of energy and environmental subject. The event brings in its first edition a program of lectures and panel discussions focused on the latest trends in technology solutions, economic, social and political for the thermal conversion and biogas sector.
The Thermal Conversion Solutions 2016 will take place in 1-3 june, at the Rafain Palace & Convention Center in Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil and consists of two simultaneous and complementary events: the International Conference on Thermal Conversion and Biogas Solutions and the International Trade Fair of Thermal Conversion and Biogas Solutions – which arise from the need of proposing solutions to the challenges faced by Latin America in the areas of energy and environmental liabilities.

The thermal conversion technologies have shown to be a short-term solution to decentralize the energy generation, serving as support to the Brazilian energy matrix. From this perspective, and due to the large amount of coal, petroleum residues, biomass and solid waste available in Brazil, the energy reuse through these technologies is a relevant opportunity, as in the case of biogas and Syngas.
TCS Brasil'16 is organized by the Institute of Applied Technology and Qualification (ITAQ), in partnership with theGaseification Technologies Council (GTC). The promotion/organization is under the responsibility of MC Events.

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