Friday, February 6, 2015

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 February 5, 2015 

I hope you are having a Smashing Week!

I am in love with Pinterest.

I love pretty pictures, I love organizing, and I love discovering new things so it's a natural fit!

Pinterest is not just about sharing photos. I'm going to teach you, as an artist, how Pinterest can be a wonderful platform for you to showcase your personality, and connect with fans by showing off other sides of you that other visual sites like Instagram can't.

And you can pin your SoundCloud tracks so it's a cool place to show off your music too.

Research proves that Pinterest is more effective at driving traffic to websites than Google+, Youtube, Reddit and Linkedin combined, and if you are targeting an educated female audience this is where you will find them! 

Click the video or the link here to watch now.  

And Come join me on Pinterest!
Happy Pinning!  


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                                            AUGUST 2014  


NEW YORK CITY - AUG. 19th - 20th

I was pounding my head trying to figure out what to say in this newsletter and couldn't come up with anything.  All I really have to say is this is our 9th year doing the NBCU Short Film Festival (formally Short Cuts Festival). 

Number 9 is a big deal; it takes 9 months to have a baby, there are 9 innings in baseball, cats have 9lives (not sure how true that is), there are 9 planets (well before they denounced Pluto as one), etc. As odd as that number is, it's still is progress, it's powerful, & it's stronger than 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1. Hell, a decade wouldn't be nothing if 9 didn't come first! 

This is 9 years of great short films by some of the most talented people you probably never heard of.  Once again this year NBCU Short Film Festival expands 2 days of shorts films! Come join us for our 9th Annual NBCU Short Film Festival hosted by A.J. Calloway (EXTRA). 
This will be at the School Of Visual Arts for FREE but you have to RSVP
RSVP to 

TUESDAY AUG. 19, 2014

NBCU Short Film Festival Semi-Finals Screening
Hosted by A.J. Calloway
WEDNESDAY AUG. 20, 2014  
NBCU Short Film Festival Semi-Finals Screening
Hosted by A.J. Calloway
School of Visual Arts Theatre
333 W. 23rd Street 
New York, NY 10011 


Thanks all who kept Ardie Fuqua and Tracy Morgan in your thoughts and prayers. They are still healing and recovering. 
We love and miss Robin Williams. An incredible talent and such humble and awesome human being!
Thanks for all who have support me! 

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