Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ameacas a parte, a mamae aqui esta pronta, prontinha!

Hello, everyone --  
When was the last time you can remember a week like this? On Tuesday, President Obama committed the full weight of American leadership to the fight against carbon pollution and climate change. Then on Wednesday, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and took us one step closer to marriage equality.  
It's not all been good news. Before the President spoke on Tuesday, the Supreme Court struck down one of the core provisions of the Voting Rights Act that has helped to protect one of Americans’ most fundamental rights for nearly 50 years. As the President said, it’s now up to Congress to ensure that every American has equal access to the polls. 
But the most incredible thing about this week is that it's not over yet.  
Today, 68 members of the U.S. Senate, Republicans and Democrats, came together and voted to reform our nation's immigration system. They voted for a bill that secures our borders and cracks down on employers who refuse to play by the rules. They voted for a bill that provides undocumented immigrants with a way to earn citizenship so they can come out of the shadows. They voted for a bill that provides visas to foreign entrepreneurs looking to start American businesses, reunites families, and helps the students and young people who've never known any home but America fully embrace the country that they love. 
For weeks, people from all over the country have been sharing their immigration stories with the White House. 
We heard from a 24-year-old honors student named Ruben who told us that he has dreamed of joining the U.S. military since he was 17 years old. "Since then," he said, "there has not been one day in which I do not think of the day that I will finally become a U.S. Marine."  
We heard from a man named Miguel who arrived in the United States at 12, speaking hardly any English. He's now a citizen, a taxpayer, and the president of his local Chamber of Commerce.  
We heard from a woman named Ramona whose father landed on Ellis Island in 1920, then helped build the New York subway system. "We all have come from someplace else if we go back far enough," she wrote, "and, as you said Mr. President, 'we've always been better off for it.' " 
Each of these stories is representative of others like them. For these people, immigration isn't a chance to score political points or win an abstract debate. It's a common heritage that unites us all. And in the weeks ahead, we're going to do everything in our power to lift up their voices.  
Today, we took a big step forward with this Senate vote. But we haven't won the debate. This bill isn't yet a law, and there are a lot of policymakers who are still weighing their options. As the conversation unfolds here in Washington, we need you to be part of it.  
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Sula --
I am as mad as hell that the Senate just passed Amnesty. Where will you go if America falls?  Are you ready to live under Soviet Socialism?
Despite fierce resistance, the Republican Establishment, with the blessing of Obama, just ignored conservative grassroots Americans like you and me by passing Amnesty.  In short, they don't have any respect for "We The People" and are driving America down the road to Soviet Socialism at 100 miles per hour!
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Censored News & Information:
We need to stand up to big-government sell-outs like Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, John McCain, etc.  We need to show them that we can fight back.
I want to make them remember today as the day that they voted themselves out of the office. 
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In Liberty,

Everett "Dirksen" Wilkinson