Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trabalho duro, penso no futuro, mas o presente eu vou desembrulhar.( Gabriel O Pensador).

Denunciamos o desmatamento ilegal na Amazônia. Veja a ação!
O Greenpeace deu início a um enorme desafio!
Foi lançada a campanha pelo Desmatamento Zero, onde precisamos reunir 1,4 milhão de assinaturas para levar ao Congresso uma proposta de lei de iniciativa popular, que tem como objetivo levar a taxa de desmatamento do Brasil ao único nível em que pode ser considerado aceitável: o zero.
A fauna e a flora brasileiras estão em risco, e com elas o futuro do Brasil. Mas você pode ajudar a salvá-las.
Junte-se a nós e colabore para que, juntos, continuemos a campanha em prol da natureza e da conscientização das pessoas.
Ajude o Greenpeace a proteger o planeta
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Goiás recebe novas UPA 24h
18/Abril/2013 - Goiás recebe novas UPA 24h;Foi publicada na edição de ontem do Diário Oficial da União  a portaria nº 616, que lista 13 municípios goianos habilitados a receber Unidades de Pronto Atendimento 24h, as UPA 24h.

As cidades são contempladas dentro do Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento, PAC 2, e os recursos podem ser utilizados para construção ou ampliação de unidades já existentes.

Ao todo, seis estados foram beneficiados pela portaria. Em Goiás, estão agora habilitados os municípios de Caldas Novas, Campos Belos, Goianésia, Inhumas, Luziânia, Mineiros, Niquelândia, Pontalina, Posse, Quirinópolis, Rio Verde, Santa Helena de Goiás e Uruaçu. As prefeituras têm até o dia 8 de maio para realizar o cadastro e finalizar as propostas.
Para Rubens Otoni, a publicação da portaria incentiva o desenvolvimento da saúde em Goiás, “ficamos felizes ao ver os municípios goianos sendo beneficiados com os programas do Governo Federal. As UPAs 24h impulsionam o atendimento à saúde da população, e agora mais goianos terão acesso ao serviço”, apontou Otoni.
Com informações do Diário Oficial da União
Assessoria de Comunicação


These past two weeks have been a series of great learning experiences for the Florida Media Market. 
Attending Hispanicize 2013, where journalists, bloggers, marketers, advertisers, celebrities and new media professionals come together to be informed of the latest innovative ways to strategically reach the growing Latino consumer demographic and show their love and pride of the diverse Latino culture that makes up the US Latino communities, gave us at the Florida Media Market a lot of insight into the world of social media marketing and content development, among other things. 
For more info: Visit Hispanicize site
We also learned of ways we can help educate youth on prevention and treatment for HIV/ AIDS from meeting with our friends at MTV:

At the Florida Media Market, we seek to create and help others create 
'Better Entertainment for a Better World' which is content with an inspirational, educational and meaningful message. To do that, we have to engage our audience, be socially aware, and Perform Acts of Random Kindness.

Business As Usual...


Those in broadcasting have seen the extreme reduction of investment dollars for new stations. We have been limited by the FCC's rule that foreign investment can only go to 25%.
The National Association of Media Brokers has filed comments with the FCC explaining that the demand for capital to execute broadcast transactions exceeds the supply. For that reason, willing foreign investors should be invited in to alleviate the imbalance. Read More...


This new generation of smartphones, YouTube, and easy-to-use video cameras lets everyone tell their stories through videos and shorts. It's important to embrace these new media and grow with technology so we're not left behind.
For example, Vine, a mobile app by Twitter that enables its users to create and post looping 6-second video clips, has reached the top spot in free downloaded apps from the App Store. Read More...
If we want to make the film business our business we need to keep up with the newest trends of film, digital, and new media.

Congratulations to an extraordinary artist/ filmmaker:

Juan Carlos Zaldivar
Juan Carlos Zaldivar is going to 
Cannes Short's Corner with his 
new film Shift, an edition of 8. 
Shift is also on exhibition at the 
North Miami. The exhibit celebrates MOCA's 15 year collection, March 22nd - May 19th 2013
For more info...
Juan Carlos Zaldivar

LAST CALL for Project-A-Thon: Create, Target Audience, and Monetize your Film/ TV Project
Package your Project for more visibility to Buyers and Distributors
Join us for a 7-week course on packaging your Film & TV series: April 27- June 8, 2013 
The 2013 Project-A-Thon is bringing an opportunity for independent producers & filmmakers to learn what will make their project marketable and give it a full makeover. We know that in order to have a profitable TV series or Film, you have to be able to distribute it on a 360° platform. Learn how at the Project-A-Thon. 
For more information, contact us: 
Project-A-Thon is a course  that individually analyzes and perfects your project within a small group of others who will also give you feedback and share their experiences within the market, making this an interactive workshop. Independent filmmakers will learn every outlet and opportunity you have to take your project to the next level, no matter which stage it is in. Regarded as one of the top filmmakers' workshops in  the world, this 7 week, information filled course will provide you with all of the tools, technologies, and best practices you need to accomplish your goals. 
"I wanted to thank you and your wonderful team for such great effort in having the community, colleagues and friends gathering together to exchange experiences, work and projects during the Florida Media Market. " -Victor Gomez, Bajo La Luz Productions. 

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Featured FMM Filmmakers Making Us Proud

After the Florida Media Market "Bridge to the World" 2013 Conference, our filmmakers have been making ripples within film industry news around the world.

Anike Bay
Anike Bay, creator of "Girls Like Us! Part 1" closed a distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment, who she pitched to at the Florida Media Market, earlier on this month. Also, "Girls Like Us! Part 1" has been chosen to compete in the St. Tropez International Film Festival in the south of France on May 16-18.

"Thank You for giving me a chance to Pitch at the Florida Media Market. I'll forever be grateful "...
"Having Girls Like Us distributed by Maverick is a dream come true!  I always say:  'Don't talk about it!  Be about it!'  Do one thing each day to get you closer to realizing your dreams, and remember it doesn't have to be complicated!" " 
Anike Bay.
Contact Anike Bay:
About Maverick Entertainment
Privately held Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc. is an independent movie distributor with a reputation for consistently releasing the niche genre films major studios often overlook...
For more information, visit:http://www.

Rubi Herrera
Rubi Herreracreator and writer of "The Liminalist" a supernatural drama about a woman with an extraordinary gift that not only allows her to "talk to the dead" but to cross over, was the winner for "Best English Format" at the Florida Media Market

This accomplishment gave Rubi the opportunity to travel to MIP Format in Cannes, France and have the prospect to pitch the completed pilot. 

"I want to thank Florida Media Market, Maritza Guimet and Georges Leclere for allowing me this great opportunity.  The insightful knowledge I received from Florida Media Market and while attending MIP Format, as well as all the great contacts have given me the assurance that I can become successful in creating content for televisionand film."
-Rubi Herrera.