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The White HouseFriday, August 23, 2013
Join the conversation on making college affordable
Putting higher education within the reach of all those who are willing to work for it is one of the most important economic challenges we face. So President Obama is introducing a new set of ideas to rethink the way in which we pay for college.
On a bus tour to meet with students, he asked people to raise their voices online to discuss why this issue is so important, and the hashtag #MakeCollegeAffordable started trending nationwide.
@Jzieno: "@WhiteHouse I need an affordable education because I don't qualify for much financial aid..."
Each of these voices is an important reminder about why we can't wait to take action.
If you want to join this conversation online, use Twitter or post to Facebook using the hashtag #MakeCollegeAffordable.
Have questions about the details of President Obama's plan? Check out the graphic and share it with friends.
Learn more: Check out the discussion between Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Khan Academy from earlier today:
Watch Secretary Duncan's discussion

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  August 29, 2013
 5:30pm - 8:30pm
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Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Bolivian-American Chamber of Commerce
Colombian-American Association
Ecuadorean American Association
North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce
Peruvian-American Association
Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Venezuelan-American Association of the U.S.
Host & Sponsor
43-45 Grand Street
New York City

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