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Imagina um lugar onde tudo que o homem semear ele ceifara! ####‪#‎oro‬ sempre! (Daquele jeito!!!)

2013 Brazil Economic Conference
The current volatility of the international markets and significant shift in the overall perception of Brazil and its economic policies demand a comprehensive discussion and review of the challenges  and opportunities ahead.
Top executives from the public and private sectors, fund managers, financial analysts, and representatives from the academia and government spheres will meet in Washington to discuss the current and future state of Latin America's largest economy.
Don't miss what is sure to be an exciting panel discussion!
Friday, October 11, 2013
8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center 
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.  

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New York Latin Culture

Well after some badly needed summer hours, here's the August issue.

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New York Latin Culture August 2013

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August 2013

Summer Streets
Saturday August 3, 10, 17 from 7am-1pm

"Voice Tunnel" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Seven miles of city streets from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park open for New Yorkers to play, walk, bike and breathe (no cars).

Don't miss the zip line, rock-climbing wall, minigolf course, misting stations and interactive art installation inside the Park Avenue Tunnel which is open for pedestrians for the first time. It's all free.
Tony Awards
Seven miles of city streets from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park open for New Yorkers to play, walk, bike and breathe (no cars).

Don't miss the zip line, rock-climbing wall, minigolf course, misting stations and interactive art installation inside the Park Avenue Tunnel which is open for pedestrians for the first time. It's all free.
Summer Streets
Saturdays August 3, 10, 17 from 7am-1pm

Lafayette from Brooklyn Bridge
Along Park Avenue
to 72nd Street and Central Park
Summer Streets

First Date
Opens August 8

Midsummer Night Swing
First Date is Broadway’s new musical comedy about the blind date. A quick drink turns into a hilarious dinner with sides of Google background checks, fake emergency phone calls, a slew of bad boy and uptown girl exes, and some seriously saucy chemistry.
Longacre Theatre
220 West 48th Street
(between Seventh & Eighth Ave)
(212) 239-6200
First Date

Soul Doctor: A Journey of a Rock-Star Rabbi

Opens August 15

LAMC Showcase ~ Natalia Lafourcade / Catupecu Machu / Astro
This new Broadway musical tells the fascinating story of the beloved yet controversial father of popular Jewish music, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.
Soul Doctor

Fringe Festival
August 9 - 25

Fringe NYC
The biggest multi-arts festival in North America brings 1,200 performances over 16 days to more than 20 venues around the East Village. Some is self-indulgent nonsense. Some is great new theatre.
Fringe NYC

El Galeón
Pier 84 (at 44th St)
Ends August 22 

El Galeon
Explore this replica of a 16th century Spanish Galleon
Pier 84
West Side Highway 
(at 44th Street)
El Galeon

El Estudiante (The Student)
August 22-28 at MoMA 

Smithfield NYC ~ Argentina vs Colombia
In Santiago Mitre's debut feature, Buenos Aires student ignores his studies to pursue university politics, or rather an attractive young teacher who is heavily involved in university politics. In Spanish with English subtitles.
MoMA ~ Museum of Modern Art
111 West 53rd Street New York, NY 10019
(between Fifth & Sixth Ave)
(212) 708-9400
The Student

Andres Cepeda
Irving Plaza
August 31st 8pm 

Smithfield NYC ~ Argentina vs Colombia
The Colombian pop rock soloist and former frontman of Poligamia is touring his new platinum album “Lo Mejor Que Hay en Mi Vida.”

Cepeda is the romantic poet of Rock en Español. Contact me through my web, Facebook or Twitter if you want to join me. For a chance to win a pair of tickets visit my Facebook page. 
Irving Plaza
17 Irving Place New York, NY 10003
(at 15th Street)
Union Square
(212) 777-6800
Andres Cepeda at Irving Plaza

Helio de Sousa
"Shoe Has Soul"
July 25-August 24

Brazilian Film Festival NY
A solo exhibition of Brazilian pop artist Helio de Sousa’s iconic “Shoe Has Soul” footwear collection paintings.
Banco do Brasil
11 West 42nd Street 
(between Fifth & Sixth Ave)
(646) 845-3700
Helio de Sousa

All Month Long

The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason

The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason
Visit this SoHo beauty boutique for a makeup application, makeup lessons and personal makeup kits.
The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason
26 Grand Street New York, NY 10013 
(at Sixth Avenue in SoHo)
(212) 625-0490
Linda Mason

Buenos Aires Restaurant
Argentine Steakhouse
With over 200 wines

Novecento ~ SoHo's famous Argentine restaurant
Buenos Aires Restaurant is a traditional and authentic Argentinean Steakhouse with over 200 wines including premium collector wines from around the world. It's just like a parrilla (an Argentine steakhouse) in Buenos Aires, but the food is made with gourmet quality ingredients. They even cut their own meat. "Best Steakhouse" Village Voice.

Buenos Aires Restaurant
513 East 6th Street New York NY 10009
(between Avenue A & B)
East Village
(212) 228-2775
Buenos Aires Restaurant

SoHo's Argentine Steakhouse
(and hot new party spot) 

Novecento ~ SoHo's famous Argentine restaurant
Argentina is known for the quality of its steak and the fun spirit of it's people. You will find lots of both among the beautiful SoHo crowd at Novecento.

SoHo is pretty quiet at night, but the Malbec Room upstairs has become the hottest new SoHo nightspot. There is live music on many nights. They like to surprise you. Call Novecento to see who is playing.

All day Tuesday, get 50% off the entire wine list of excellent Argentine wines with your meal. And Tuesday nights at 7pm, you can learn to dance Argentine Tango, often with live music.

343 West Broadway New York, NY 10013
(between Grand & Broome)
(212) 925-4706

Hello, everyone --  
If we want Washington to focus on the needs of the middle class and everyone working hard to join it, it's going to take more than a great speech from the President. That's just the honest truth.
So as President Obama lays out his ideas for how we can build on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class in America, we're asking you to add your voice to his.
Today, he's in Tennessee to talk about what it's going to take to generate good new jobs -- including a plan that simplifies the tax code for our businesses and gives working families a better deal. In the weeks ahead, he'll lay out his vision for education investments to prepare our kids for the challenges of a new century, a path to home ownership for those who work hard, affordable health care that’s there when you need it, secure retirement even for those who aren't rich, and ladders of opportunity so that all of us have the chance to work our way into the middle class.
And if those are principles you support, you need to join this debate as well.
In the past week, we've heard from tens of thousands of Americans who've taken time to share their stories with us. They come from every walk of life, but they're united in working to support an economy where everyone who works hard can get ahead.
A man named Michael from Iowa told us that, "Genuine opportunity for those who work hard and play by the rules is an American principle. We have strayed far from that in the past several years, and it's time to get back to it."
Robin from Oregon said, "I have a 10 year old daughter who deserves the opportunity to make a good life for herself. She needs affordable health care, education, and job opportunities to do that and be a vital and contributing citizen."
Anthony from Ohio told us, "I agree that we need to build the economy from the middle out. Working people and their families are struggling to survive and each day that passes is another day that it is harder for the middle class and those aspiring to be in the middle class to move up the economic ladder. You can do it Mr. President, we believe in you."
These kinds of testimonials have tremendous power. We've seen it time and time again. When real people speak out with the same voice, it focuses the conversation in Washington.
So join us. Stand with President Obama and say that you support a better bargain for American families:

                                                        Since 1968

The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with the Spain and Latin American Chambers of Commerce in New York in the launching of an exciting and dynamic networking program. This represents an effort to expand the reach of the growing Latin American markets and promote a better understanding between the business communities of those countries.

Join us for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with other top executives and international professionals.

12th Annual 
Spain & Latin America Networking Event 
  August 29, 2013
 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Partnering chambers:
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Bolivian-American Chamber of Commerce
Colombian-American Association
Ecuadorean American Association
North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce
Peruvian-American Association
Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Venezuelan-American Association of the U.S.

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