Contemporary Brazil & Baroque Roots 
Show at the UN

Exhibition, Music & Fashion 

Venue: Secretariat Lobby United Nations
Address: 1st avenue and 46 street  - United Nations visitors entrance
 New York, New York 10017
Subway: Grand Central Station (4, 5, 6, 7 )
Opening: 06/18/2013  - from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Please note: entrance starts 6:00pm and ends 7:00pm
Free event

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SAPHIRA STUDIOSEIGREENIAC - International Artists Coalition, in partnership with Mali Villas–Bôas Gallery, present the Exhibition Contemporary Brazil & Baroque Roots. Support: IPL (Institute of Portuguese Language & Portuguese Language Club at UN).

The exhibitiont discloses Brazilian art through a collective exhibition of visual arts. The artists selected are representatives of Brazilian contemporary art, which has been increasingly highlighted in the international art market due to its unique features. The exhibition will provide the opportunity to meet some aspects of the current Brazilian art and its Baroque influence.

Baroque’s ideas permeate the work of many artists today, revealing that the style is one of the most influential movements in Brazilian art. One could say that Baroque is the root of all art movements in Brazil from the sculptures by Antonio Francisco Lisboa ( known as Aleijadinho) to the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer; from the musical works by Padre José Maurício Nunes Garcia to Villa-Lobos and Milton Nascimento; from the poetry of Gregório de Mattos and Padre Antonio Vieira to Carlos Drummond de Andrade;  from the paitings by Manoel da Costa Ataide to the new trends in Brazilian visual arts.

The artists selected and produced by curators Alcinda Saphira (NY)Antonio Oliveira (NY), andMali Villas-Boas (Brazil), show in their works the cultural diversity of a continental country united by its Baroque roots.

Featuring Artists

Adri Volpi, Alessandra Betancur, Altamiro Ribeiro, Andréia Rosa, Astride Rosa, Augusto Ferraz, Beatriz Deruiz, Cabral, Carlos Falchi, Dri Santiago, Eliana Corinti Jordão, Eliane Scherb, Fatima Marques, Fátima Campos, Fernanda Garcês, Fernando Natalici, Gustavo Braga, Irene Nunes, Ivone Vaccaro, Judithe Pimentel, Junia Flávia d'Affonseca, Lessandra Martins, Lena Medeiros, Liza Papi, Natalia Lima, Roberta Pauli, Marcio Goldzweig, Marcos Amaro, Maria Cecilia R. Netto, Marta Spagnol,  Matthew McLoughlin, Mauro Laforga, Meireles Junior, Natalia Lima, Ondina Moraes, Paulo Gouvea, Paulo Stocco, Regina Brandão,  
Rene Nascimento, Roberta Pauli, Yazmine Karissa.

The opening reception will present the Brazilian soprano, Caroline Braga, who will perform Brazilian Baroque music under the direction of conductor and composer Thiago Tibério. The evening also includes performances by the fashion designers A.Z Araújo and Sonjja Baram.

 Saphira’S Studio -
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Show at the UN
Art Exhibition, Music & Fashion
Opening Reception: June 18 2013  6:00 - 9:00pm
Entrance: 600 - 7:00pm
Exhibition:  From June 17 through June 27 2013
Place: Secretariat Lobby (Batiment du Secretariat) - United Nations
Address: 760 United Nations Plaza, NY, NY 10017 
 (46 St at 1st avenue)
Subway: Grand Central Station (4, 5, 6, 7 and S)
Free Event
Contact: Alcinda Saphira 

Please RSVP till June 13:


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