Friday, July 13, 2012

Se queres prever o futuro, estuda o passado...(# fica a dica!!!!)

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July 12, 2012
Where's Ariel?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I will be flying down to Brazil to take part in the 11th annual Brazil Musica & Artes conference! 

Feature: How To Make Your Facebook Timeline Pop!
There is a fabulous feature that will help you highlight the things that happen throughout your life and career that you would like to post onto your Facebook Page.
This is a phenomenal tool for going back in time and recording important things in the history of your personal life, your band life, or anything else you might like to have highlighted.
For artists that have histories with other bands this is doubly amazing because you can go back and create milestones for practically anything, and really build your story.
Here are a few things you can add:
  • Past tour dates
  • Past album release dates
  • Past press placements & radio add dates
  • The day you saw an amazing concert that inspired you
  • The day you were signed to a label
  • The day you were dropped from a label
  • The day you got your publishing deal
  • The day you recorded your first song
  • The day you entered the studio
  • The day you had your first vocal lesson
  • Etc.
Anything that was important in the history of your band and your life and your music can be added as a milestone.
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Announcing....  Our Next  CYBER PR® “Mini” Campaign!

For: SEPTEMBER 11th, 2012

Do you have a song that reflects on the 9/11 tragedy or the unity of our great country that formed in the aftermath?


There is a VERY limited number of slots so email Jason Loomis or Call into the office TODAY to secure your spot in this campaign!

Jason Loomis


A Cyber PR® “Mini” gets your music directly to our network of bloggers, podcasters and iRadio DJ’s for content consideration.

We also increase your reviews on iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby and help you expand your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).

How Cyber PR® Works:

We create a group VPK™ and present your music (grouped by theme) to our network of new media makers looking for great content.

Mini Campaign Rates

Promote 1 Song For $277

Promote 2 Songs OR a song and video for $377

Promote 3 Songs / and or videos for $477

This Cyber PR® 'Mini' Campaign will launch on August 14th so please get in touch with us ASAP if you are interested!

P.S. For this campaign, we can only accept 20 songs on a first come, first serve basis. So if you are interested, please contact Jason Loomis at 

Contact Us

Globo Ecologia
A RIO +20 já terminou, mas o nosso compromisso com o planeta não acaba nunca!
E o Globo Ecologia lançou  um aplicativo para testar seus conhecimentos no assunto.
Você sab mesmo tudo sobre meio ambiente?
É grátis! Curtiu? Baixe o aplicativo

("Nós e Gal Costa(Canergie Hall - NY)

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