Friday, May 28, 2010

Robson Mello -IREO Renewable Energy - United Nations


                                            ROBSON MELLO - SECRETARY- GENERAL



Robson Mello founded IREO to promote and support renewable energy technology worldwide. Mr. Mello, who has led IREO since its creation in 2008, combines the skills and career experiences of visionary, entrepreneur, and advocate for emerging energy technologies as well as Brazilian children in need. A Brazilian immigrant, he has achieved success in entrepreneurial endeavors such as fashion, publishing, sports marketing, and construction.

Mr. Mello founded the IREO in response to the need for global renewable energy solutions and the international community's willingness to implement them. Under his leadership, the IREO has mobilized support for programs that aim to: promote conservation; build alliances with leading organizations from all sectors focusing on emerging technologies; collaborate with governments to advocate for and utilize proven sustainable technologies; and to facilitate the transition from carbon based energy sources to renewable, particularly in developing nations. The IREO has drafted many of its goals, strategies, and measurements for success guided by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Prior to his work for the IREO, Mr. Mello established the Brazilian Foundation of America (BFA), a nonprofit organization, in 1999, to assist both Brazilian Americans and immigrants living in Long Island, and the tri-state area. The BFA established language, legal, insurance and investment seminars for them.

In 2004, Mr. Mello established the BFA in Brazil which operates with authorization from the Brazilian Minister of Justice. Focused on underprivileged communities in northeast Brazil, the BFA implements programs that encourage parents to keep children in school. In order for children to participate in the soccer and karate programs, they must be enrolled in school. In addition, he initiated the process for the BFA to hold consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Mr. Mello is President Emeritus of the BFA. His humanitarian work with the BFA has earned him recognition from Senator Hillary Clinton, Nassau county executive Thomas Suozzi, and from the Consulate General of Brazil in New York. He resides in Long Island with his wife Diane and daughters Alexis and Samantha.

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